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The Procedure to Selling Your Home to Housing Companies

Selling an old home sometimes might be tricky. Individuals want to buy new homes with the modern furniture from the doors to the kitchen cabinet. However if you find yourself in this position, do not panic. Your solution is a phone call away. You can sell it to a housing company by following the process below.

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Research Details of the Company

Knowing the company from online sources is not enough. You need to conduct thorough research regarding the company. You do not want to find yourself in the wrong after selling your home to raiders.

Gather Necessary Paperwork

An old home might have outdated paperwork, but their appearance is important. It shows proof that you own the house legally. The papers might be old with a different mode of writing since technology evolves every single season, but the essential thing is the piece of evidence. Clear paperwork involving the house details and respective house number will give accurate information when searching in the land maps. Locating the plot will be comfortable and get the information relating to the house will be more natural compared to when you lose the details. Be accountable for your stuff and find every aspect about the house before official sell.

Login the Company’s Portal

Once you have everything related to the company, find your time to log in to their portal to see more details of the deal. Fill your identification details then proceed to click on the slot; we want to buy your house option for more information. You will find the prices and so on. Assess everything carefully.

Take Pictures of the Home

Potential buyers will not listen to everything you say without proving your words. They need solid options for them to consider the deal. Since it is a company buying the home, you need to show them your seriousness. Do not take pictures with your smartphone because it may not have the camera specs that you need. Hire a photographer to take care of everything. They have high lens cameras that will professionally project the pictures. Your clients will not suspect any fraud since everything is visible on the photos. You can save both hard copy and soft copy of the images to ease the process.

Prepare an Affidavit

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A legal approach on the deal will help each party to be open. You will have nothing to hide from each other since you prove to have a clean business. With the help of the lawyer, one can prepare an affidavit. You need to have both parties present before the lawyer. The company will not require all the employers to be present; they can send a representative to act for them. The information on the Affidavit should be correct since you are swearing in front of the lawyer. The lawyer will sign then put a stamp to seal the deal. This affidavit is helpful when the company fails to meet their promises. You will have proof of their participation hence suing the company will be easy.


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