Tips To Choosing A Plumber

Tips To Choosing A Plumber

Whether you need a complete plumbing system for a brand-new property or just hot water system installation, choosing the right plumbers for your needs can be a tough task. The marketplace is littered with different providers all claiming that they have the most experience, the lowest prices, and the best products.

Choosing a plumber

Ask around

You are probably already in the process of doing this, but the first step is to ask around about different potential providers. Ask your family, friends, co-workers and neighbors about which plumbing company they use. Mainly listen out for any positive experiences they may have had. The whole aim is to create a shortlist of potential companies to choose from.


plumber workingOnce you have asked around and compiled a shortlist of potential plumbers, the next step is to conduct some secondary research on each online. Don’t just go to the company website, though, take a look around some forums to try and find reviews and testimonials on each different plumber. This will help you to gauge and evaluate the quality of the different companies quickly.

Arrange for quotes

Once you have completed the research mentioned above step, you should be able to refine further your shortlist to about 3 or 4 different companies. Get in contact with them and organize for a meeting and a quote on the work your need. During these meetings pay particular attention to those who are good with their communication and appear to care about you and your needs genuinely.

Compare quotes

Once you have met with everyone and received your quotes, sit down and carefully compare them. Don’t just judge them on price – look for value, the amount of services you get for the quoted price. Make sure they are all-inclusive / look for hidden extras that may come back to bite you later on. Most people tend to avoid the lowest-priced quote because it usually means the lowest-quality services.

Choose a plumber

Compare everything including your initial and secondary research, quotes, testimonials and perceived quality and choose a plumber. Once selected, contact them promptly so they can schedule in your job ASAP. If your job is particularly significant, ask them to draft a contract for works to be completed.

Review your contract

pipeReview your contract and make sure that you are happy with everything before you sign it. This includes the products to be used and the services to be carried out. If you have any concerns, make sure you voice them to the plumber so they can be handled appropriately.…