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Advantages of Spray Foam Insulation

Spray foam insulation results when different types of composite materials namely isocyanate and polyurethane are combined. When the two materials are mixed, they react and thus form a compound that is hard.

During the spray foam insulation process, a spray foam gun is used to spray the two materials simultaneously. After being sprayed, they expand and later cool and become hard. Since information is power, let us look at some of the advantages of spray foam insulation.

Powerful Insulator

spray foam insulation

When compared to the other types of insulation, the spray foam insulation stands out as the best. Since it is expansive when the spray foam insulation is used it seals all the crannies and nooks that are usually left exposed when the other types of insulation are used.

When we look at some parameters like the air-tight seal and the resistance value, the spray foam insulation works better than the other choices around.

Energy Savings

One of the reasons why people choose to insulate their homes is to conserve the heat that is usually generated inside the home. When there is sufficient heat in the house, and it is not being lost it means that the heater needs not to be on at all times.

This, therefore, means that individuals will significantly make huge savings on the energy as they will pay fewer energy bills.

Air-tight Seal

When you decide to make use of the spray foam insulation, the technology used is usually expansive and will spread to seal the cracks and holes in the crawl space and attic.

The air leaks in the attic are one of the reasons why people incur substantial electric bills. Spray insulation will help in protecting this by creating an airtight seal that cannot be easily penetrated.

Moisture Barrier

The excessive moisture in our homes is as a result of crevices, cracks, and hole. When you use the spray foam insulation, these holes and cracks will be sealed which means that the excessive moisture that is getting to your house will be regulated.

Water will not go through the spray foam because it is impermeable to water. This means that in the event of flooding the spray foam barrier will protect your house from the flooding water.

Deter Molds

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Molds thrive in areas where there is lots of moisture in the atmosphere. The molds have adverse effects because they are responsible for specific allergies and also cause breathing problems for individuals.  Spray foam insulation will help you to prevent the growth of molds in your structure.…