Types of Laundry Detergents for Home Use

There is a huge list of detergents in the market today. However, the suitability of any detergent to your household chore is usually a matter of personal preference. You should pay attention to a host of things ranging from the availability of the detergent, safety, effectiveness, to the cost. That said, here is an overview of some common detergents that you might use to clean your laundry.

Liquid Detergentsliquid detergent

Liquid detergents are mostly used to clean stains from foods, grease, and soil. The fact that this detergent is a fluid means that it can also be used as a stain pretreat. This means that they can selectively clean stubborn stains (spot cleaning) left behind by food spills. When using a machine, most liquid detergents work best with the cold temperatures as they dissolve in water easily.

Powder Detergents

Almost every home has a powder detergent. These detergents are mostly used for general cleaning purposes. They are designed to cater to wash day loads and are mostly used to clean everyday stains such as oils and ground-in dirt. If most of your cleaning chores consist of clothes with everyday stains, you need to invest in a powder. It is worth noting that the effectiveness of any powder rests in the quality of its ingredients. Therefore, make sure that you go for a product with the right ingredients.

High-Efficiency Detergents

High-efficiency washers are designed for use in high-efficiency washers. It is worth noting that these detergents are usually used for specialized cleaning. Therefore, high-efficiency detergents are specially formulated to deliver an optimal clean with minimal water. It is worth noting that you can use a high-efficiency detergent on any washer, but you should not a standard detergent of a high-efficiency washer. Ideally, what makes a high-efficiency detergent better than standard washers is that they produce fewer suds, thus making it easy for the machine to rinse out the soap. powder detergent 

 You do not need to do lots of work to buy a detergent. You only need to know what you need and go for it. Regardless of the detergent that you choose, make sure that you do not overuse. As far as machine wash goes, a small amount goes a long way than you think.

floor cleaning equipment

Tips on How to Clean Carpets

Every home requires cleaning on a regular basis. This is because some things such as shoe polish stain or coffee spills are inevitable. However, it is the way you deal with stains that matters. The common stains you will have to deal with include red wine, dried-on stains, mud, pet messes, gravy, and more.

Carpet Cleaning Procedure

  1. floor moppingFill your spray bottle with cold water and another with a mixture of mild dishwashing liquid.
  2. Spray the detergent on a damp cloth and dab it on the stain spot. After a few minutes, the stain will dissolve. You should then keep blotting and applying until the stain is gone.
  3. Spray another absorbent cloth with cold water. Use it to rinse the detergent from the carpet.
  4. If stains are not removed, then you should try another approach. The most stubborn stains are paint and lipstick.

Maintaining Your Carpet

Keep Dirt Outside

It is advisable to implement strategies that ensure dirt is kept outside. For instance, place the extra flip-flops or slippers next to a shoe rack near the door. Also, you should encourage family members to keep dirt outside. Place a broom near the entryway to collect the dust before it reaches the doormat. Also, you can place the mats outside the door so that you can wipe your feet before entering the house.

Refresh High-Traffic Areas

There are certain areas of your house that receive a lot of traffic. Thus, you can change the carpet in such areas on a routine basis. This will improve the lifespan of your carpets. Also, you should consider using a vacuum cleaner in such areas.

De-Grit Doormats

floor sweepingYour interior doormats can only be useful if they are clean. Otherwise, they will contribute to getting dirt into your house. It is advisable to toss your mats into the dryer and washer. However, you have to read the care tag first. You can also use a vacuum cleaner. In this case, you need to run the vacuum cleaner over the mat and flip it over. It does not matter whether it is plastic or rubber, it is likely to have some embedded dirt. For routine refresh, you can take the mat outside for shaking.…